How To Choose Vehicle Graphics

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How To Choose Vehicle Graphics

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How to Choose the Right Type of Vehicle Graphics for Your Business

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So you are looking for vehicle graphics for your vehicle of fleet. Good vehicle graphics is a tried and tested method in advertising your business, brand, products or services in the local community and beyond. Your van, car, bus or vehicle fleet will be visible wherever it’s on the road. With constant advertising and exposure. Vehicle graphics will prove to be a cost effective advertisement. Only costing a few pence a day over the lifetime of the vehicle signage.

The types of vehicle signage available

For this comparison guide we have included 4 types:  Vehicle Wraps, Window Graphics, Magnetic Vehicle Signs and Vinyl Cut Graphics.

Vinyl Wraps

Vehicle wraps are like a big custom stickers. Wraps are custom designed and digitally printed using high resolution large format printers. These large printed vinyl “stickers” are then laminated to protect the quality of the print from fading or abrasion. Highly skilled professional installers then apply the vinyl graphics to a vehicle. The special cast vinyl material is designed to expand, contract and conform to the shape of your vehicle. When done correctly it should have the look and feel of a new coat of paint. The vinyl can be removed by applying heat with no damage or residue to the vehicle when done within the warranty period. In most cases, vehicle wraps and graphics are approved for leased vehicles. Vehicle wraps do not need to cover the entire vehicle. It can be economical and highly effective to only wrap parts of the vehicle. 

Window Graphics

Rear window graphics are similar to vehicle wraps. Custom designed and printed on adhesive vinyl using a large format printer.  The type of vinyl used is different to vinyl wraps. The self-adhesive vinyl for window graphics is perforated with tiny round holes. The perforated vinyl the driver and passenger a clear view out. While on the outside your graphic design can be easily seen by onlookers.  

Vinyl Graphics and Lettering

Vinyl lettering or computer cut graphics are the most popular choice for vehicle sign writing. Ideal for one vehicle to companies with large fleets of vehicles. vinyl can be cut to any shape or size with a a vast choice of colours. Vinyl graphics are very durable, and will stay colourfast for a period in excess of five years, even when on a vehicle and open to the elements seven days a week and the super-strong adhesives will ensure that they do not peel off of the vehicle. Cut vinyl vehicle graphics can also be combined with full colour digitally printed graphics or stickers.

Magnetic signs

Magnetic signs are composed of  flat white finish with a magnetic backing. These are flexible and lightweight. Allowing you to place them on almost any flat steel surface. Magnetic signs come in a variety of sizes and shapes that can be custom designed with cut vinyl lettering or printed in full colour.

Sign branding is an effective marketing strategy that is a direct reflection of a business’ identity.

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