Furniture Vinyl Wraps

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Upgrade Your Existing Furniture
50% Cheaper Than Replacement

Upgrade your existing old and tired looking surfaces with vinyl furniture wraps has never been easier. Our natural looking vinyl furniture wraps with unique textured, gloss and matt finishes are a perfect finish. Up t 50% cheaper than replacement new furniture. 

Our tough durable furniture vinyl wraps are suitable for hotel, commercial and residential applications alike. Being tear and water resistant our fade resistant furniture vinyl wraps are ideal for any non-porous surface. Including kitchen cabinets, appliances, wardrobes, doors, furniture and walls.

We have wide choice of heat conformable tactile vinyl wraps designs and finishes. All with excellent resistance to abrasion, acid (ethanol, salt), stains, dirt and mould. Includes a 10 year warranty.

With over 800 natural looking designs to choose from:-
– Wood
– Natural Stone
– Metallic
– Marble
– Leather
– Glitter
– Fabric
– Solid Colours

Kitchen with white furniture vinyl wraps
wardrobe doors with vinyl furniture wraps
Retails units with furniture vinyl wraps W11

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